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Listed below are common questions about my coaching services. If you have additional questions not listed, please contact me anytime.

Yes! There is no charge for my 30-minute sessions. Donations are accepted at anytime.

No, coaching is not considered a form of psychotherapy. In life coaching, a client works with a coach who is not a healthcare professional to clarify goals and identify obstacles and problematic behaviors in order to create action plans to achieve desired results.

On the other hand, therapy (psychotherapists) are trained to help people who are facing mental illnesses.

Though legal matters may come up in coaching sessions (which is completely okay!), I can’t specifically coach on court or legal matters. In other words, I’m unable to research or consult on court cases.

I’m currently attending Florida State University and working towards the Professional Certification in Trauma and Resilience. 

Yes. I was incarcerated for 49 months in Seagoville FCI, a low-security federal prison near Dallas. I also was placed on supervised release for 5 years and I’m currently living on the sex offender registry.

Absolutely. Nothing ever will be revealed publicly, online, or anywhere else. Our conversions are 100% private and confidential.

Not directly. I can give you suggestions on how to be removed, but I can’t specifically coach on legal matters. My private coaching sessions are focused on the guiding principles of trauma recovery.

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I coach individuals affected by the criminal legal system and the sex offender registry.


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